Termination of the EMUJ electric carsharing
Dear customers, we would like to inform you that the EMUJ terminates carsharing service.
All of our vehicles can be used by the end of the first week in November, 3. 11. 2017. We apologize for this complication.
For more information contact our Customer Line: +420 770 101 135.

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Why go with emuj?

If you drive less than 10,000 km per year it is a ride with emuj cheaper than the private car.
No worries
When you drive emuj cars, you don't have worries about insurance, highway signs, maintenance or depreciation.
When you drive emuj cars, you improve air for yourself, other people arround you and their children. One combusion car in 1 km distance drive, burn as much oxygen as one person need to life for half hour. Think about it.

How it works

Sign up
Do it now! After approval, you get an EMUJ card. This magic card will unlock a lot of cars anywhere in Brno or in Prague.
Book your car for an hour or the whole day via your phone or on our website.
Come to the car and unlock it by holding the EMUJ Card near the card reader behind the windscreen.
Drive the car wherever you want. At the end you park the car at the appointed zone. And that’s it!
This is called - carsharing

Reduce your costs

Owning a car is not very cheap, especially if you do not drive much. Pay over and over insurance wheel changing, new tires, vignette, service inspections… With your own car are associated high costs, even in the case when it is just parked outside the house.

The solution may be emuj. No entry fees, you pay only for the traveled kilometers and the time that you have booked the car.

And further savings in emuj?

Check your annual raid of yours car. Less than 10,000 km? In this case, is emuj much more cheaper.

The less you drive, the more worth it!

The new Skoda Fabia
electric car emuj Peugeot iOn
  • Do you drive per year
  • 3 000 km
  • 5 000 km
  • 10 000 km
  • Savings per year
  • 25 800 CZK
  • 21 540 CZK
  • 10 032 CZK
If you drive 3,000 km per year,
with Peugeot iOn compared Skoda Fabia will save 25 800 CZK!
The new Skoda Octavia
electric car emuj Nissan Leaf
  • Do you drive per year
  • 3 000 km
  • 5 000 km
  • 10 000 km
  • Savings per year
  • 32 304 CZK
  • 23 892 CZK
  • 2 724 CZK
If you drive 3,000 km per year with Nissan Leaf compared to Skoda Octavia you will save 32 304 CZK!
* The calculation includes the acquisition of the new Skoda, its operation for 7 years and the loss on the subsequent sale

I am using Emuj.cz services about one month, during this period I have traveled with their electric cars around 100 km only in the urban environment. I prefer to use Emuj services as a combination of travel through Brno (MHD-Emuj-walk-bike-Own car). The great advantage is the possibility of parking electric vehicles anywhere in the designated area (center of town or surroundings). Another benefit is undoubtedly possibility of use “future” cars in this time that have zero emission of exhaust gas or sound emission during ride and that green cars have amazing acceleration to their performance. Maybe the only criticism is unavailability of mobile applications for convenient reservation or for finding the position of the electric car.

Michal Š.

Emuj is a convenient way to occasional transportation for those who do not own a car. During “charging” people waiting rather on me. :-).


In a city it is very comfortable, clean and very fast transportation without compromise. I just need to have a card, cell phone and I can go."

Vilém Ř.

I welcome every new carsharing service in Brno, especially when it is so focused on ecology! I live in the city where it is difficult to park . I don’t want to contribute to the overcrowding streets with cars (whether parked or in traffic jams) and do not need to drive a car every day. The solution is not more and more parking spaces, but the opposite. The solution is in combination with carsharing services and alternative transportation. (Public transport, bicycle). So, if you need a car only occasionally, carsharing is the cheapest, best and most environmentally friendly option. Emuj is super easy to use, not the cheapest, but almost all the cars are new and representative. To use them for business. And although it may seem a little distance capacity of 160km, but electric car can replace combustion car on a long trip, too (for example to Prague and back). Of course, with that you need to stop in the middle of the road for about 30 minutes and recharge, which is just a little break. I have not had any major problem and if anything, I solved it through the hotline, it was a comfortable arrangement. I definitely recommend, at least try! The tapping what electric car has is unbelievable!

Roman Z.

Taxi failed Emuj saved us In a mid-December we had visitation of Frenchmen, who are working in Prague. It was a Friday, the assumption was that the highway will be blocked, so the return trip was planned with train. What unpleasantly surprised us, however, we called that afternoon to the two largest taxi companies, they had no free vehicle and we needed to transport our guest to train station. Fortunately, we were able to use the service Emuj that uses our colleague from the implementation team - it helped us not only to transport people with electric car, but we put a lot of luggage inside, too (and we used iOn – smaller car from Emuj car fleet). In addition, we received plus points for the use of French car 

Václav Š.

Cabaret Spacek uses shared electric cars, only occasionally when we need more trucks to our business. More cars we need when we have external events, catering, wedding ... And because we do not want to worry and care about more cars for our business, we easily use Emuj services. It's cheaper and much easier. A bonus for us, is an amazing experience to drive an electric car, driving a car move to the next level. It has two ecological effects, we can share it and it has zero emission.

Kabaret Špaček

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